Precision Tree Care

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Helpful Hints

Get a jump on tree maintenance with help from Precision Tree Care & Gardenscape Corp. If you have any questions about the health and preservation of your trees, call one of our arborists today in Dallas, Texas.

Addressing the Issue

Trees are our most precious assets. As the sap rises, the healing process starts and wounds heal more rapidly. To prolong or enhance the quality of life of your trees, it is very important to recognize what the real needs are.

What to Avoid

Over-trimming is one of the many things you should avoid. It can actually do more harm than good to some trees. Removing trees is also not recommended unless you have a good, valid reason for doing so.

Doing Your Part

Recognizing your trees' structural integrity helps to preserve them. Branches that graze any part of your house or easily sweep driveways, sidewalks, and streets need to be dealt with accordingly. Holes, cracks, rotten spots, or deformities found in precarious places, such as the large lower section of trunk that supports a healthy crown, needs immediate action as well.

Where We Come In

If you see one dead branch as large as your wrist, chances are you have a multitude of thumb or pencil-sized branches. What the tree needs is thorough cleaning done by us. Also, if a tree is properly thinned out, the lack of congestion can slow down the natural branch dying process.