Precision Tree Care

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Trimming All Your Worries Away

When it comes to tree trimming and stump grinding, Precision Tree Care & Gardenscape Corp. can do it all for you.
We provide landscape design and installation as well.

Cutting Tree Branch

Basic Maintenance

We understand how each tree reacts to different treatments. For example, some trees do well when all the suckers are taken out. Expect our crew to remove dead and intersecting branches, as well as a few suckers from the lower part of the canopy. You can also count on us to do all the pruning work for you any time of the year, with the exception of the following:

• Fruit Trees • Live Oaks • Red Oaks • White Oaks

Structural Trimming

Structural trimming is one of the best ways to give shaded plants more sunlight. Removing the lower limbs of a tree is important to provide clearance for driveways, walkways, and buildings. We'll make sure that the skirt line of each tree is gradual enough not to jump from one height to another.

Crown Reduction

Make your trees look stockier and less frail with our help. This is possible by pruning the leader and lateral branches of a tree to reduce its height and width. This type of trimming is best suited for pecan trees, which are naturally spindly. The same applies for fruit-bearing trees.


Increase the structural integrity of your trees through our cabling services. We install high-strength cables around your trees. A professional arborist will determine the extent your trees need to be cared for. Discretion and good common sense are advised.

Stump Removal

Let us get rid of hazardous stumps that take up valuable space in your yard. Our crew will take care of cutting as well as grinding the remaining stump and root systems. That way, your landscape will look fresh and beautiful like never before!

French Draining

If you find that rainwater is collecting around your place, we'll make sure you use high-quality drainage materials to keep water away from your home or yard. Call us today in Dallas, Texas, so we can evaluate any drainage problem you may have.